Правда о любви: откровенные иллюстрации о том, как на самом деле выглядит жизнь с мужчиной

Любовь – это не только красивые жесты и громкие слова. Истинные чувства проявляются в мелочах. Художница из Лос-Анжелеса Аманда Олеандер нарисовала серию смешных и милых иллюстраций, показывающих настоящую близость.

Drawing 56/100 of the drawing a day for 100 days challenge. When you see a white hair and it reminds you how old you're getting and all of the things you wanted to have accomplished by this age. So you get your partner to come help cut them out or you pull them out yourself because.. who needs that rude reminder? ✂️✂️✂️— So after this post I've been getting messages about how I should be proud of what I have achieved at this age, and that I'm not that old..etc. I know I'm not that old, thirties are great years and I'm looking forward to them. And I am really happy about how far I am in my career, but as a women who wants multiple kids and wants to tour the world and publish books and work an a ton of projects it gets a little messy at this age since the older I get the closer I am to my internal ticking clock of having children. I'm not ready for them but I do want them in the future and before them there's a lot I want to do, many places I want to go and things I want to accomplish. My mom got married at 23 and had me at 24. She always gave me this piece of advice: "Do what you love before you have kids, travel, spend alone time with your partner don't rush into it." I take that advice to heart and have followed it but I think it's normal to feel that pressure when I am reminded of my age. ✨

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